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Our Homes

12 Seaver St Dorchester MA

"This is the flagship home of our company and opened in December of 2016. The house has 24 beds in single, double and triple occupancy rooms with prices ranging from $190-$215 weekly. We have house meetings weekly, urines twice weekly, group meetings weekly and trainings monthly. The house is beautifully maintained and the guys take a lot of pride in its condition. Many of the guests who stay here do so for an extended period of time given the quality of the house and positive atmosphere it provides. Email us at or call Brendan Conlan at (617) 504-3324 or Dave Decourcey at (857) 237-8300 for availability and to schedule an appointment!

153 Ruthven St Dorchester

We finally moved in and very excited show off our new home! This home has everything (click the link for more details and pictures.)  We already have a great group of women living here adding to the family atmosphere we had at our last home and are looking to fill the remaining beds with like minded women who are serious about their recovery. Call Kathy Curly at (857) 287-6082 for availability. Our beds range between $175-$200 weekly. There is a great group of women already living there who really take a lot of pride in the home. We're very grateful to have them!!

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