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House Managers

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Kathy Curley

Kathy Curley has managed the women's home since January of 2018. Since getting sober, Kathy has been able to get her GED and go on to UMass, Boston, to become a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. Kathy completed her college courses and passed her exam in April of this 2019 and is now a LADC, II, as well as being a certified recovery coach. Last year Kathy left her position as ATR coordinator for the Gavin Foundation to become a Senior Recovery Coach for the North Suffolk Mental Health Association. Kathy believes that God carried her through her darkest moments. She believes that He works through people and He has placed each person in her path over the past 6 and ½ years for a reason which is why she is still sober. Due to her own personal experience, Kathy has the ability to work with kindness and understanding with the most broken women and believes it is her life’s purpose. Kathy maintains her sobriety by going to meetings as a member of a 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, having a home group and a sponsor, daily prayer and helping others. Kathy embraces people with grace, compassion, encouragement and hope, and guides them on their path to recovery.

Brendan Conlan has managed the men’s house since March of 2018. A graduate of the Hurley House in Waltham in 1996, Brendan sat on the board of directors from 2000-2008. He also spent 7 years working at the Gavin Foundation, specifically providing peer support and guidance for young men at the Cushing House. Brendan is a Certified Recovery Coach (LADC I) who works part time the emergency room at Quincy Hospital and Carney Hospital in Dorchester. A MASH certified house manager, Brendan is active in his recovery attending numerous meetings throughout the week and making arrangements for other men in the house to accompany him or attend meetings/workshops of their own. He expects responsibility, promptness and inclusion in the house and leads by example in that regard.

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Brendan Conlan

Dave Decourcey has been the live in manager at the men’s home since March of 2018. He is a MASH certified house manager and certified recovery coach (LADC I). Dave is currently a senior recovery coach at Suffolk Superior drug courts.  Like Brendan, Dave is an active ER recovery coach and certain hospitals in the Boston area. He also directs the SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) funded grants program that works one on one with those involved with the criminal justice program at the Gavin House. He’s CPR certified and involved with the restorative justice workshop at US District Court. He is also MAT (medical assisted treatment) certified. Dave is approachable and encouraging, leading by example and encouraging guests to be active in the well-being of the home and in their day to day recovery.

Dave Decourcey
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